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Many Uses of Domain Names
Jun 01, 2004

Although you may associate domain names primarily with websites, they actually have a number of other uses. To find out more about what you can do with domains, keep reading.

To Site or Not to Site?

Of course, building a website is one of the things you can do after registering a domain name, and many do. But people may also register a name with a plan to build their site a little or a lot later, or have other plans entirely.

If you register your domain name one day and have a site up the next, everything is straightforward. But what if you're having a custom web design done, or you're still shopping for just the right webhost or your business isn't set to take off for another 18 months or you've registered the domain for a different reason? Then you want to know more about domain hosting.

Domain Hosting

Domain hosting includes things like domain parking, domain forwarding, and domain masking. Not every hosting service offers all of these options, so you should never assume they're available and check prices if you intend to use them.

Domain Parking

Suppose you don't want to build a website now or ever, or you're looking for personal email with your domain name but without a website attached. The service you need is domain parking. Domain parking is both the service that presents an "Under Construction" message until your website is completely ready, and also the method used to protect your trademark or business name or misspellings of it from cybersquatting.

Parked domain monetization is another possibility. You park your domain and connect it to a page that contains advertising links, possibly using a PPC (pay per click) agreement. 

If its personalized email you're after, domain parking can allow you to say goodbye to your Hotmail or Yahoo! account and have a more professional means of contact. Your mail can be forwarded as well.

Domain Forwarding

Speaking of forwarding, domains can be forwarded as well. Domain forwarding, as known as domain redirection, URL redirection, or URL forwarding, allows you to point alternative domain names (such as ones that you've registered to protect your trademark or business name) to you homepage or, alternatively, a site with this article has all rights reserved and is copyright by 100 Best a different name altogether. You may also wish to use domain forwarding in order to assist customers who spell your domain name incorrectly in their search, substitute a shorter version for a longer name, merge two sites, or move your page to a new domain.

Domain Masking

Alternatively called domain cloaking or URL masking, domain masking forwards visitors to a different page without revealing the URL of the domain that they have arrived at: they see they same URL that they originally entered or that they chose from the search engine results page (SERP).  This can be useful if the actual site name would cause confusion, or if your site is hosted under a subdomain of another entity and you would like to substitute your own domain name.

Domain Reselling

Another reason for purchasing a domain name is to resell it. There are various good and sufficient reasons why a desirable name might come back into the market, and some people register such names in order to resell them themselves. This can be done privately, through a professional reselling service, or through an auction service. Resellers need to partner with an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-accredited (ICANN) registrar, the names of which can be found at

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