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Post Affiliate Pro Review

Post Affiliate Pro software is a great option for starting your own affiliate program. The Post Affiliate Pro software is easy to install and easy to use. Using an affiliate program to promote your site is a great way to increase traffic and your site's search engine optimization.  See why PostAffiliatePro is our Top Affiliate Software award winner.

Affiliate Software: Post Affiliate Pro
Price/Cost of Software: $199.00 USD
Ease of Use: Easy to Install and Use

We have recently awarded Post Affiliate Pro our Top Affiliate Software award. Post Affiliate Pro has proven to be one of the very best affiliate software application for any affiliate program. With a unique set of features, many that you won't find with any other affiliate software, you will be the top performing affiliate program in your industry. Their software is powerful, yet very easy to set up and use. Browse through the feature list below to see why we have awarded them the Top Affiliate Software award.

Post Affiliate Pro Review of Features:

  • Multilevel marketing - compensates affiliates for sub-affiliate sales as well, unlimited number of tiers encourages affiliates to recruit new affiliates
  • Multiple merchants - manage multiple merchants in one affiliate program
  • Mass payment - pay all of your affiliates at once
  • Commission groups - set separate commission levels, offer performance rewards, and more
  • Split commissions - you can reward all affiliates referring same sale (not just last or first like most software)
  • Performance rewards - offer performance rewards to encourage affiliates to sell more
  • Promotion materials - image, text, flash, HTML, PDF, Hover, Peel, Rotator banners and more
  • Simple PDF banners - will convert from WYSIWYG directly to PDF
  • Rebrand PDF - allows you to create advanced promo materials for your affiliates such as rebrandable e-books that affiliates can download, no external tools needed
  • Site replication - this feature will allow you to use variables to create a personalized page for each affiliate
  • Coupons - use coupons online and offline, supports barcodes and more
  • Reliable tracking - including flash cookies support
  • Multiple affiliate link formats - anchor links, direct links, and more (Most affiliate software doesn't offer this)
  • Action commissions - have an unlimited number of action based commissions setup to reward affiliates for any number of events that happen on your site
  • Recurring commissions - reward your affiliates for recurring payments such a a membership or renewable contract
  • Life Time commissions - this unique features allows you to assign a customer to an affiliate so all future purchases from that customer will be credited to the original affiliate
  • Tracking methods - multiple unique tracking methods for the most accurate affiliate tracking
  • Direct links tracking - direct link click tracking is an advanced feature for the best tracking results
  • Subld tracking - track which ads and promotions are working the best
  • Custom affiliate tracking codes - allows your affiliates to track their own sales
  • Forced matrix - allows you to design the shape of  your affiliate tree and how sub-affiliates are placed
  • Private campaigns - setup private campaigns visible only to selected affiliates
  • Fraud protection - protect your affiliate program against fraudulent transactions
  • Multiple currencies - track sales in multiple currencies and compute them all into one default currency
  • Reports - get trend, online user, top affiliate, top URLs reports and more
  • Online user reports - use GeoIp with Google Maps plugin to locate users logged into the system
  • Quick report - an overview of your affiliate program performance, see a summary of the most important parameters of your program.
  • Map overlay report - lets you see where your program is performing best and which countries you can focus more efforts in
  • Multilingual support - currently available in 16 languages, new languages being added. Affiliates can use the software in their native language for better understanding and application.  
  • Themes - choose from predefined themes or create a custom theme for your corporate design. The Blue Aero theme is much like a desktop with support for a start button, sidebar, gadgets, and quick launch.
  • Customizable affiliate interface - customize your signup form and affiliate panel to fit your corporate design
  • Web 2.0 (Ajax) application - best client/server data transmission

Just from the feature list you can see why we have awarded them our Top Affiliate Software award. Our Post Affiliate Pro review shows that they are using the latest and best technology to provide the best affiliate program software. Check out the online demo and introduction videos to see exactly how it all works. Videos include a merchant control panel tour, affiliate control panel tour, and a Blue Aero Theme tour. Our Post Affiliate Pro review found that if you use Post Affiliate Pro software you will have the newest and best features available in the industry with exclusive, unique features that you don't find with other affiliate software,  just one of many reasons we have found them to be the Top Affiliate Software provider.

Post Affiliate Pro also provides step-by-step video instructions for installing and configuring their software. After our Post Affiliate Pro review, we can highly recommend Post Affiliate Pro as one of the best affiliate software systems in the industry. Choosing the right affiliate software for your business is the most important step in getting your affiliate program started. Visit Post Affiliate Pro today to find out why their affiliate software is the Top Affiliate Software option for your business. Use our Post Affiliate Pro discount code: V5-45K2D45X44 to save 5% today! This will make the already low price offered by Post Affiliate Pro even better!

Statement from Post Affiliate Pro on Post Affiliate Pro software:
"Post Affiliate Pro is built on proven, robust technology that is used by thousands of merchants world-wide. Post Affiliate Pro is program-specific for our affiliate software, so it offers features that are internally complex, and not comparable to the simplistic built-in scripts other programs offer. With Post Affiliate Pro, you can start your affiliate program in minutes, and feel confident that you are using the best tool available for your needs."

Post Affiliate Pro Demo:
You can test drive the Post Affiliate Pro software yourself with their online demo.

Click Here to Visit Post Affiliate Pro Now

Don't forget the special discount code: V5-45K2D45X44 to save an extra 5%

Post Affiliate Pro: Top Affiliate Software Award Winner

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